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Eclectic Upcycled SaraBella Totes

$47.00 $65.00

Blue Shark on Red

These eclectic, repurposed and upcycled totes are a gorgeous, practical accessory for the travelers, for hobbyists, for collectors and for shoppers.  Made of seven layers of plastic bags and parchment paper artistically designed, these totes can handle 50 lbs. of stuff and weigh nothing themselves. They are waterproof, they are sturdy and they are a one of a kind design.  This is the only bag you will need to tote your items. The artist, Sara Wiener, found beauty in colors, design and function from material originally destined for the landfill, everyday plastic bags, banners and candy wrappers


AND THEN THERE WAS ONE..............This will be the last tote you'll need to buy! It's THAT DURABLE!  20% OFF WHILE SUPPLIES LAST


Material: Plastic bags, banners and candy wrappers

Handles: Oxygen tubing or canvas

Made in the USA

These are one of a kind item. Please select the tote of your choice and you will immediately know if it's available.  If it's out of stock, please make another selection.  These items are not available for reorder.  Get them while they last!  

Upcycled Hand-made in the USA Fair Trade International