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Cooking Apron Sets for Adult  & Child

Cooking Apron Sets for Adult & Child

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Want to get your kids more interested in new foods or just want to spend more constructive time together,  consider cooking!

These adorable certified organic cotton and fair trade items are made by loving moms in Ghana.  

It's the perfect size apron for the little ones and the perfect size for adults to get excited about experimenting with food! The designs are fun for children and adults alike. Choose from  Teal Fishy Turtles or Charcoal Cyclists!

Adult Apron is $32. Kids Apron is $ 18.  The set is discounted to $47

- Certified Fair Trade and Certified Organic Cotton

- Apron width without ties is 18", Apron length 20" for kids.

- Wash in cold water

- 1lb.

Made by Mamas.