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Magnificent Sustainable Mango Wood Lotus Dishes

Magnificent Sustainable Mango Wood Lotus Dishes

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Natural Bark. Breath Taking. Luxurious Mango Wood.  These sustainable mango wood lotus dishes are beautiful accents to any home. They may be used with food, washed in cool water and hand dried.Available in honey or orange natural colors.

Mango wood has a wonderful illustrious quality that lends itself to elegance and contemporary designs. Bring a piece of nature inside and reminisce about the great outdoors.

Mango trees bare fruit for 20-30 years. Afterward, the trees are replaced with fruit-bearing trees. The replaced trees are handcrafted into these magnificent vases and other sustainable products. 

Mango wood is sustainable and eco-friendly. This is a Fair Trade Item.

 Available in honey or orange colors. Dimensions: 8" wide x 1"height 


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