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The Kliketyklik Box

The Kliketyklik Box

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It only takes one out of the bottle, oops,  box idea to turn waste into a beautiful creative useful ware.

It's the ultimate box for use as a gift in itself, a planter or vase, a LED candle holder to illuminate the design, for candy as a quick treat, for potpourri to enhance the atmosphere in any room ...

Simply unfold the tab and fill the box with your imagination. Just make sure the petal with the tile is the first one to open and the last one to fold

Comes in 3 different themes, flowers, birds or music.  Each design is different, so pick your favorite theme.

Saving our planet one bottle at a time by upcycling soda bottles. Creating employment for women out of Africa. 

Large 2 Liter  $18

Small 1 Liter  $14