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The Perfect Groomsman Gifts

The Complete Gift Set


Snag a travel kit made from repurposed truck inner tube tires, pop open an ingeniously designed bottle opener made from a bike chain & gear, complete the gift with a vintage record journal to record memories from this special occasion. It's eco-friendly, sustainable & actually useful!


The Complete Gift Set, Travel Kit, Bottle Opener & Lined Journal, normally $85, NOW $76.

The 2 Item Gift Set - A, Travel Kit & Bottle Opener, normally $65, NOW $58.

The 2 Item Gift Set - B, Travel Kit & Lined Journal, normally $65, NOW $58.

The 2 Item Gift Set - C, Opener & Journal, normally $45, NOW $40.

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Ingenious Truck Inner Tube Travel Kit - Durable and meant to last, large enough to handle all essential grooming and bath accessories.  No two patterns are alike. Assorted interior colors.  Designed from truck inner tubes, the zipper pull is made from a used tube valve. 8.5"L x 4"H x 4.5"D. 10oz.

Cycle Enthusiast Bottle Opener - Made from an upcycled gear and bicycle chain.  Simply place the opener flat on top of the bottle, place the inner gear under the bottle cap and peel back like an orange. Comes in great sustainable packaging.  6oz.

Vintage Record Lined Journal - Great to collect memories from this special occasion, write a toast, poem, lyrics...its purpose is only defined by the limits of your imagination. A great way to round out The Perfect Groomsman Gift with a vintage rock & roll themed vintage record. 9.oz


 Show your family and friends how much you care about the environment.  Give green gifts. The Perfect Groomsman Gift is eco-friendly, sustainable & actually useful! Each gift has a history, a tale, & a story to tell.


Upcycled Hand-made in the USA Fair Trade International