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Inventive Military Tent Canvas Stuff for Guys


Durable, tough, retro and reusable....what happens when military tent canvas is transformed into travel/dopp kits, wallets, messenger bags and aprons. Most come with leather trim.

Travel/dopp kits come in 2 different designs and 2 colors, one in a rectangular shape, with a flip zippered opening on the top and a convenient handle.  The other, with a zipper down the middle to spread wide open.  Both styles come in charcoal and brown.

The wallets, with plenty of room for credit cards, a plastic insert to display your ID. Reinforced with leather, the wallets come in charcoal and brown.

The Family, Friends & Football apron is great for the griller or chef. Full coverage in the front with easy adjustments. Leather pocket helps protect against heat and splatter.

The Messenger Cross Body Bag has a great look, multiple pockets, and thick straps for comfort.  Great for the traveler or person on the go.

Upcycled Hand-made in the USA Fair Trade International