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Magnificent Mango Wood Votives

Magnificent Mango Wood Votives

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Natural Bark. Breath Taking. Luxurious Mango Wood.  

Mango wood has a wonderful illustrious quality that lends itself to elegance and contemporary designs. Bring a piece of nature inside and reminisce about the great outdoors. Great as a way to refresh your decor, or as an engagement, birthday or house warming gift.

Mango trees bare fruit for 20-30 years. Afterward, the trees are replaced with fruit-bearing trees. The replaced trees are handcrafted into these magnificent vases and other sustainable products. 

Mango wood is sustainable and eco-friendly. This is a Fair Trade Item.


Eco-friendly Mango Wood Round and Pillar Candle Holders - Small in appearance but large in presence. These candle holders add a beautiful accent to any room. This is a unique and uncommon gift. Includes an unscented candle. Available in Cherry, Honey and Orange Product:   The Round measures at 3"W x 2.50"H The Pillar measures at 3.5"W x 5.5"H



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