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Recycled Stadium Material Wallets and Card Holders


$18.00 $40.00

After THE game is over, what's to become of all the leftover material used for sponsor advertisements and the arena cover when the stadium is destined for renovation? Conventional wallets, flat wallets and credit card holders of course.

Superbowl XLVI sports banners and the RCA Dome cover have been transformed into not only durable wallets but topics of conversation.  The ultimate upcycled, recycled ingeniously designed pocket organizer is available for you, the sports enthusiast, the environmentalist, the closeted designer.

RCA Dome & Superbowl XLVI Color Wallets Orange, Blue, Green, Double horizontal strip on front and back, 5 slots for credit cards. Includes a card signed by the artist. Dimensions 3 1/4" x 4" folded

RCA Dome Flat Wallet is meant to hold a few credit cards and folded money.  The wallet is trimmed with color thread. Ideal for the minimalist who doesn't like to carry a lot. This wallet does not open and includes a card signed by the artist. Dimensions

RCA Dome Credit Holder for 3 credit cards when a large wallet just doesn't have enough space.  The wallet is trimmed with color thread. It's nice and compact. Dimensions 

All products made from RCA Dome. Some made with Superbowl XLVI sports banners.

All products are cut and hand made by local U.S.A. artists.


Upcycled Hand-made in the USA Fair Trade International