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injeenyuhs scarf Black & Burgundy

Repurposed 100% Silk Sari Scarf

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They are luxurious, beautiful, warm and cozy. 

Repurposed 100% silk sari scarves keep your core warm in the winter and warm up a cool summer night. You may also consider using your scarf as a table runner.

We have posted the 17 we have left.  As you can see, the colors and patterns vary greatly.  How does one describe over 30ish colors in one scarf with one word?

We have highlighted one of the patterns/colors as best we can.  Now it's up to you to decide which ones will accent your, or those of your recipient's, color palette. Good luck!

Made from 100% silk saris.  Made in India.

Measures 6'L x 18" W