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Wood Bowl Collection


Designed by a veteran who reinvented himself as an artist, these intricately designed Baltic birch bowls serve as a dramatic and eye-catching element to any home or office.   

They are the perfect wedding, housewarming, or thank you gift.  Great for the people or clients who are eco-friendly.  They are made from one piece of wood with minimal waste.

Exquisite 12" concentric patterned statement bowl is $120

The 2 piece collection is comprised of 15" and 9" bowls. $175

The 3 piece collection is comprised of 15" and 9" bowls with a matching votive. $200

To add charm to the bowls, inserting and lighting a candle spreads the bowls' unique designs across the table and enhances the wonderful patterns. Candles need to be placed in a glass container before being lit.

Upcycled Hand-made in the USA Fair Trade International