About Us

There are moments in time when you find something that inspires. It may be a simple quote cited, a passage read, or a discussion with a friend. Then there are those that don’t change the world but do impress. It could be a simple product improvement or something beautifully made from unwanted items.

The later was the inspiration for our founder, Beth Janoff, and the impetus for starting in-jeen-yuhs. While on vacation with her family in the mountains of Oregon, she met a woman social worker turned artist who made artistically designed and beautifully executed totes, cross body bags and zippered pouches from plastic bags. Otherwise destined for the landfill, she infused her creativity and love of art and sewing by transforming a product with a purpose. If one artist was creatively repurposing what would otherwise be discarded, why not others.

in-jeen-yuhs.com is a one stop site to find creative, artistically crafted repurposed, uncommon, green and ingeniously made wares for everyday use.

The ingenuity of the products we offer is in the beauty of the design.

Most wares are created from upcycled and repurposed items. But repurposed products aren’t the only grouping we offer. We also welcome artists that rely on innovative technology in their creations such as computer designs and laser cutting platforms. A veteran reinvented himself as an artist by designing light influencing bowls now on display at museum across the country. Another artist creates products that are made from cultivation, not deforestation. Using a variety of virgin pulp fiber blends and recycled felt, she creates washable paper bags that you can personally reshape. You become part of the design process.

Each ware is individually made and has a unique story. It’s more than just a bowl or backpack. Each has a history, a tale, and a purpose. Buyers usually buy one as a gift and one for themselves, making an instant connection and a shared memory. Our customers are happy to support artists, the environment and taking credit for finding something really unique and ingenious.

Become part of the story. Shop well. Do good.  Support small, locally owned women businesses.

All products are made by U.S.-based artists and/or Fair Trade artisans, the majaority of which are women.