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  • Funky Upcycle Wire Bracelets

    Show Your Colors

  • Brilliantly Colorful Telephone Wire Bowls/Baskets

    Fair Trade. Food Safe. Great Selection.

  • Eclectic Colorful Crossbody Sustainable Bags

    Show Your Colors and Style.

  • Impressive Cozy Fair Trade Aprons

    Fantastic for Hobbies and Interests.

  • Flowery Art for Home and Garden

    No Water or Sun Necessary.

in-jeen-yuhs offers a highly-curated collection of creative, handmade, eco-friendly and ingenious wares for thoughtful consumers. Our eco-friendly products and repurposed wares are for people with passion, creativity, and a desire for minimal waste. Our team works with creative artisans who see the beauty in everyday elements, and who construct unique sustainable wares for practical use. 

A portion of our proceeds supports justice, food security, and youth based causes.

Each in-jeen-yuhs ware has a history, a tale and a purpose for you to enjoy and share. 

Most products are made by women based in the U.S. or are Fair Trade artisans. 

What our customers are saying: 

"My daughters recently traveled to South Africa to meet that branch of the family and loved your woven bowls from that side of the world!" Maria Z.

"The crossbody bag was a perfect gift for my daughter-in-law. She loved it!" Susan

"I'm wearing my telephone wire bracelet now! I love it! Alison A.

"in-jeen-yuhs wares really are ingenious!"  Matt

Upcycled Hand-made in the USA Fair Trade International