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Mango Wood Collection

Mango trees bare fruit for 20-30 years and then they are replaced... 

Eclectic Sustainable Industrial Netting Bags

Impressive, stylish, and eye-catching, this collection of durable, practical, and lightweight wares... 


Vintage record lined journals is a perfect gift for writers and music... 

Clearance Sale - Up to 60% off while supplies last!

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  • The gifts were a HUGE success!!! My son and his girlfriend both loved the beauty of the telephone wire bowl and the wooden votive.

    Marcy Z

  • Thank you for the speedy delivery of the olive crossbody bag. It's a gift for a friend who admired mine. She loved it!

    Lisa H.

  • Your journals are unique and well-made. I have a whole collection of your vintage record journals. They're the only ones I write in.

    John D

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