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Aprons for the Chefs, Gardeners, Teachers, Massage Therapist, Artists, Pet Groomers, Hair Stylists

$24.00 $30.00

Mamas in Ghana are creating new products by upcycling flour sacks and making them into gorgeous artistic cozy aprons for those who love to cook, plant, teach, stylists, dog and/or horse groomers, and work with their hands.  Handmade, fair trade, and sustainable just for you.

The women who make it sign their names. It's a very personal touch.

They're so pretty, you'll use it as an excuse to get creative inside and out. 

For people who love to live life in full color!

One size fits all. Most are reversible! Wash in cold water.

One style is made out of flour sacks, complete with a bib for full coverage, one pocket, and plenty of space the wipe your hands on. $34

The other style ties around the waist, with no bib, but plenty of easy access to pockets to carry everything needed for your profession or passion. $28

ON SALE Single-sided aprons with banana designs $24

Fair Trade item. Certified organic cotton. The Mamas who designed, batiked, and sewed the aprons, lovingly signed their names.


"Making chocolate rugelach in my fabulous new apron!" Betty O.


Upcycled Hand-made in the USA Fair Trade International