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Eco-Friendly Heirloom Wooden Puzzles

Eco-Friendly Heirloom Wooden Puzzles

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Never the wrong size! Never the wrong color! Great way to spend family and friend time together. Engaged!

These artisanal heirloom-quality wooden jigsaw puzzles are a great way to spend nontechnology time with loved ones.  It's a great platform to reminisce and create new memories.  Each puzzle has pieces unique to the theme of the design.  Each extra small, small and large puzzle contains a booklet to write your stories, memorialize who shared the experience and then pass it along to the next family member/generation. Each sturdy puzzle comes in a sturdy box to ensure it gets passed along in the proper condition.

These puzzles are a bit difficult and tricky.  They're quite the challenge. All the pieces fit together but they don't necessarily go together. The straight-edged pieces don't necessarily frame the picture.

Extra small, 50 pieces, with 1 specialty piece, 4.4 x4.4 $23  

Small, 130 pieces with 5 specialty themed pieces, app. 7.5 x7.5 $53

Large, 300 pieces, with 12-15 special themed pieces. app. 11.5"x11.5" $103

Made in the U.S.A.

"I love the puzzles... thanks for helping me take the care of my Christmas shopping!" Julie 

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