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Bountiful Beautiful Woven Baskets

Bountiful Beautiful Woven Baskets

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Want to add a piece of art to your home that's fun to look at, and may or may not be used in a pratical fashion?  These gorgeous, one of a kind bowls made from clotheslines and colorful fabric is the perfect complement to any home or office.

They come in all sorts of colors, designs & sizes and some with interesting handles, tops, and accents.

Handmade by an African American woman artist in the USA..

"The fabric art I create consists of baskets, trivets, coasters, and wall art while using coiling, weaving, and crocheting techniques.  

My products are one of a kind boasting of rich and vibrant colors, unique patterns, and mixed textures.  I love to upcycle different objects I find by using them as embellishments.   

It is a challenge to mix, match, and pair the conventional with the unusual.  What a surprise to see the results, whether it is intentional or unexpected.  It amazes me how fabric and rope can be manipulated." N.J. Brooks

Care instructions:  NOT Recommended to be served with food.  Vacuum lightly, when dusty, spot clean with a little soap and water.  Please DO NOT machine wash and avoid placing in direct sunlight because they will fade over time. You may want to lighlty spray with Scotchgard from tiem to time to protect against spills and stains.


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