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in-jeen-yuhs telephone wire small round bowl - black rainbow

Brilliantly Colorful Telephone Wire Small Round and Triangle Bowls

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Beautifully handcrafted, durable bowls made by Zulu weavers in rural S. Africa. The collaborative fusion of past and present enables more than 500 Zulu families to gain the dignity of work and self-sufficiency while maintaining rich artistic traditions.


Small Round Bowl 4.5" x 2.0"

Small Triangle Bowl 4.5" x 2.0"

Weight Varies.

  • Handmade in S. Africa – Fair Trade
  • Woven from telephone wires
  • Color tones: Rainbow, Black Rainbow, Red Rainbow, Painted Desert, Black & White, Light Blues, Mocha, Sandstrom, and White Desert
  • Each piece is unique and the designs will vary.
  • Can be washed with warm water and soap
  • Food safe