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Colorful Sustainable Travel Kits

Colorful Sustainable Travel Kits

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Made for him, her or them, these travel kits are very cool in design and practical in purpose. You decide on the material and the color. One is made from repurposed industrial, fish and commercial, netting, the other from repurposed industrial packaging. Both have a long zipper for easy access, an handy handle for carrying, and are both waterproof.

Durable, lightweight, and meant to last,  they are large enough to carry all essential grooming and bath accessories.  

Industial Repurposed Industrial Netting Travel Kit -                                                     measures 9"L x 6"H x 3.75"D, 10oz. Available in Charcoal, Steel or Navy. Proceeds support daycare and preschool for the artisans' children. 

Industrial Repurposed Industrial Packaging Travel Kit -                                          measures  9”L x 5.5" H x 3.5”D,10oz. Available in Terracota, Mustard or Forest Green. It also comes with an internal pocket, helping you keep you special items separate, easy to transport, and quick to find. Ideal for overnight business trips or leaisurely adventures. Proceed support daycare and preschool for the artisan's children.

Decisions? Decisions? Decisions?  Which fabric? What color?

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