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Concentric Patterned 15" Baltic Birch Wooden Bowl

Concentric Patterned 15" Baltic Birch Wooden Bowl

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These concentric patterned bowls are computer designed, laser cut and hand assembled from one piece of baltic birch wood, resulting in minimal waste. Designed by a veteran reinvented as an artist, Rob Jones, is a modern day renaissance man, Woodcarver, Mathematician, Illustrator, Inventor, Engineer, and Entrepreneur.

Ideal as is, or for candles inside a glass pillar holder.  The light makes the bowl come alive and radiates the design across the table. It creates a unique light pattern that is appreciated by all.  It'll be hard to choose one!

As seen in the Renwick Gallery Gift Shop, Washington, D.C.

Material:  Baltic Birch Wood

Dimensions: 5" h x 15" diameter

Made in the U.S.A.

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