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Ethically Sourced Flirty Bracelets

Ethically Sourced Flirty Bracelets

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Clearance Sale - Up to 20% off - great deal on beautiful fair trade bracelets!

Harvested in Brazil with no harm to the trees, these gorgeous bracelets are made from acai seeds and tagua nuts. Each bead is an acai seed, pronounced ah-sah-EE, and variations are personally designed by Mother Nature. Fair Trade artisans shape, size, & color the beads. The tagua nuts, pronounced TAG-WAH, are from palmule trees that grow in Ecuador, Columbia, and Brazil. Tagua nuts are nicknamed vegetable ivory because of their versatility and strength. The combination of the acai seed and tagua nut makes for a striking balance.

Make a statement and support creating sustainable livelihoods and job opportunities for people with barriers to employment.  

Judy Bracelet, a 7" stretchable bracelet with striking color combinations of tagua nuts and acai seeds. Its a party on your wrist. Available in mint and midnight.

Dori Bracelet, a 7" stretchable bracelet, with an elegant chain to highlight the colorful combination of the acai seed beads. It's a great way to add a pop of color at social distancing gatherings. Available in lemon, mint, periwinkle, and rose.

Made in Ecuador.  Fair Trade item.


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