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Ethically Sourced Flirty Necklaces

Ethically Sourced Flirty Necklaces

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Clearance Sale - up to  20% off - Dress up your outfits for less!

Dress up your outfit for your virtual office or next social distancing experience with some ethically sourced bling! Great girlfriend gifts!

Twist it, knot it, loop it, or just wear it. These gorgeous colorful well made necklaces offer the perfect opportunity to reflect your personality and style with little effort.

Made from acai seeds and tagua nuts, harvested in Ecuador, Columbia, and Brazil, with no harm to the trees or the environment.  

Look great and support a great cause. Your purchase creates sustainable livelihoods and job opportunities for people with barriers to employment. Additionally, it benefits clean water, free education, safe transportation, microloans, and disaster relief.

For those who can't remember the correct pronunciation, acai is pronounced ah-sah-EE, and variations are personally designed by Mother Nature. Fair Trade artisans shape, size, & color the beads. The tagua nuts, pronounced TAG-WAH, are from palmule trees, and are nicknamed vegetable ivory because of their versatility and strength. The combination of the acai seed and tagua nut makes for a striking balance.

The Ventana Flirty Necklace (18"), Sunset and Lime, makes a striking statement with the colorful tagua beads. 18"

The Coco Flirty Necklace (52"), Mint, Periwinkle, and Rose Violet, is an elegant and classic statement. Wear it long, double wrap or knot it, this will never go out of style. 

The Mickie Flirty Rope Necklace (  "), Mint/Seaglass, Ivory/Espresso, Lemon/Chocolate, and Rose/Violet, offers a beautiful range of colors and styles to accent any outfit.

The Flirty Pearl Necklace (48"), Burgundy and Teal, made from metallic beads, freshwater pearls, glass beads, and tagua is really the wonderful balance to any outfit.

Make a statement and support creating sustainable livelihoods and job opportunities for people with barriers to employment.


My model, Sarah, was a friend and a beautiful person. Her smile exuded positivity, peace and tranquility. Sarah is dearly missed.


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