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Durable Reclaimed Bicycle Inner Tube Wallets


Why let durable material waste away in a landfill when it can be repurposed?  These durable and waterproof wallets are upcycled from bicycle inner tubes. No longer serving a purpose on bicycles, these wallets are ideal for those who appreciate the value of upcycling, who love to bike or may just think these are pretty cool.  

They come in two styles.  Regular Joe Wallets are for the everyday person who wants to keep their money neat and carry 6 card. Ideal for your back pocket. It also comes with a reflective trim to help you find it in the dark or flag down your Uber driver. The Night on the Town Wallets are ideal for someone who always wants to show their ID, it comes with a clear plastic sleeve, and holds up to 3 cards and cash.  Great to carry in your front or back pocket.


Regular Joe Wallets come with blue reflective trim or black.

8.25L x 3.25 H x .50D  2 oz.

Night on the Town Wallets.  

2.5L x 4H x .25D  1 oz.


Made from reclaimed bicycle inner tubes. Made in the U.S.A.

Upcycled Hand-made in the USA Fair Trade International